lasting power of attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney & Deputyship

Best Value Probate can help with those who need a Lasting Power of Attorney; none of us likes to think that we will not be able to care for ourselves in the future but with an ageing population this is becoming an increasing problem.

A Lasting Power of Attorney provides a solution. Don’t leave the decisions to someone else, make them yourself. Our experienced team can prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney for either one or both property and financial affairs, or health and welfare.

In simple terms, a Lasting Power of Attorney enables you to choose a person or persons to be your attorney or attorneys.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and financial Affairs is valid once registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, and will enable your attorney or attorneys to make decisions about your property and finances straight away, even if you have mental capacity, this can be useful if you have mobility problems.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for health and welfare is only valid once registered, and you lose the capacity to make decisions about your health and welfare.

Our experienced team can take you through all the documentation, advise you fully, complete the application for you, register the lasting power of attorney, and store the same until it is required.

A Deputyship Order

A Deputyship Order may be needed once someone has lost mental capacity. If they have not already made a lasting power of attorney it can be a particularly difficult time for the family, as that person’s finances can no longer be accessed, for example to pay care or nursing home fees.

Here at Best Value Probate we have an experienced and understanding team that can help. In these circumstances a deputyship order would be applied for. Our team can guide you through the process complete the necessary paperwork and obtain a deputyship order.