Proposed probate fees increase scrapped Early election forces Ministry of Justice u-turn

A planned increase in probate fees has now been scrapped because of the general election. The Ministry of Justice intended to impose fees of up £20,000 on estates in England and Wales from May 1, rising from the current flat fee of either £155 or £215. However, there is now no time for the statutory […]

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10 Celebs Who Cut Their Kids out of Their Wills

More and more wealthy people are cutting their kids out of wills, with the likes of Bill Gates and Sting claiming that their children would do better off without a trust fund to back them up. Whatever their reasons, it surely can’t be a bad thing for these celebs to leave money to charity rather than keeping it in the family, though I’m sure their children would dare to disagree!

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How to Avoid the Growing Disputes Over Inheritance

Statistics from the High Courts have seen a rise in the number of children contesting their parents’ wills since 2015. To help you avoid a family dispute over inheritances, we’ve put together a few tips. Inheritance disputes increase by 11% in one year In 2015, the number of children going to court to challenge the […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Probate: A Complete Guide

Probate is a tough time for obvious reasons – someone has just died, but these legal proceedings must go on, making it a difficult process for everyone involved. What makes it even more hard though is the confusion around the topic of probate itself – not many of us really know what to expect, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know into one huge guide so at least the legal side of things won’t be weighing heavily on you anymore.

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How to Leave Money in a Trust Fund

It may not be a topic you want to think about too much, but making sure the people in your life are cared for after you die is important. Setting up a trust fund for younger or vulnerable family members is a great way to see that they are taken care of when you can’t anymore.

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The Top 12 Weird and Wonderful Celebrity Wills

Celebrity requests are known to sometimes be on the strange side, and this even extends to their last will and testament. From secret codes to millionaire farm animals, these are the top 12 weird and wonderful celebrity wills that will leave you speechless.

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half of brits don't have a will

Half of Brits Don’t Have a Will – Here’s Why They Should…

According to research from Will Aid, approximately 50% of the British public haven’t made a will, meaning that they will have no say over what happens to their belongings after they die.

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DIY Probate – Is it Worth the Risk?

DIY probate is a complicated topic – on the one hand it can save you money, on the other it can be a time-consuming and confusing process, often with high risk involved. Despite this, around one third of probate applications are done by normal people going for the DIY probate option. What are the risks […]

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How to Leave Money to Charity in Your Will - Best Value Probate

How to Leave Money to Charity in Your Will

If you’re writing a will, deciding what to do with your worldly belongings when you pass over can be tricky. For most people, the number one priority will be to leave as much as possible for your family, but leaving money to charity in your will is not only a worthy cause, but can also mean your family are better off too.

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How Much Inheritance Tax Will I Have to Pay

How Much Inheritance Tax Will I Have to Pay?

Following a death, there are all kinds of questions needing to be answered, many of which are to do with the logistics and finances around Probate. One of the questions we hear the most often is – how much inheritance tax will I have to pay?

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