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The Top 12 Weird and Wonderful Celebrity Wills

Celebrity requests are known to sometimes be on the strange side, and this even extends to their last will and testament. From secret codes to millionaire farm animals, these are the top 12 weird and wonderful celebrity wills that will leave you speechless.

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half of brits don't have a will

Half of Brits Don’t Have a Will – Here’s Why They Should…

According to research from Will Aid, approximately 50% of the British public haven’t made a will, meaning that they will have no say over what happens to their belongings after they die.

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DIY Probate – Is it Worth the Risk?

DIY probate is a complicated topic – on the one hand it can save you money, on the other it can be a time-consuming and confusing process, often with high risk involved. Despite this, around one third of probate applications are done by normal people going for the DIY probate option. What are the risks […]

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